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tracy-with-bookTHE MUST READ MARKETING TEXTBOOK FOR EVERY AESTHETIC PRACTICE – Over 5,000 copies already sold!

DRIVE offers proven formulas to fuel practice growth while sharing relatable stories of successes and failures. This easy-to-follow textbook was written to provide physicians and staff with innovative marketing ideas that result in change. DRIVE is overflowing with hundreds of new strategies specifically tested to increase your practice’s revenue and features instructions to create a customized practice marketing plan.

This book focuses on getting you results now by providing “Execution Tips” with the steps necessary to implement each strategy. Real world and industry-specific tips and tactics throughout the book reveal what you need to take your practice to the next level.

The 250 page book features

  • A complete marketing plan through the exclusive S.I.M.P.L.E formula
  • Hiring and firing do’s and don’ts
  • Steps to turn your staff into a team
  • Guidelines to brand and introduce new providers to your patients
  • Tested tools with quantifiable returns and the steps to replicate them
  • Over 15 Aesthetic-specific marketing formulas
  • Plans to launch new products and increase procedure volume
  • 25+ methods to increase cross-promotion of procedures
  • “Practice-mapping” strategies to transform your office into an optimal marketing environment
  • Exclusive “Execution Tips” to turn the ideas you read into results
  • A corresponding workbook & video series for practices looking for maximum impact

See what DRIVE is all about


Driving on…

Marketing a practice today bears little resemblance to years past. Modern consumers are overstimulated, overwhelmed and without a doubt in the driver’s seat.

With aggressive “click bait” strategies (i.e. “You will never believe what your plastic surgeon is hiding from you, visit our site to find out…”) paired with a chronic bombardment of ads, you either have to become a brilliant marketer or adorable kitten to earn the interest of prospective patients.

Today’s medical practice typically relies on a lean-team. Staff members often wear multiple hats and hardly have time to finish their work, let alone help bring new patients into the practice. It’s the perfect storm; you have patients drowning in a sea of commercial messages and you likely have a new generation of employees that are overworked and underpaid. Whether you are the physician, practice manager, allied health provider, long-term staff member, millennial just joining a team, an aesthetic pharmaceutical or device rep, manager or even CEO; everyone is searching for answers.

How do we help aesthetic practices grow?

aesthetic-repAs an aesthetic physician, you may be wondering?

  • How do I handle the influx of competition?
  • How do I even begin to think of marketing when I don’t have the staff, funds or time to handle the efforts?
  • How do I deal with price-shopping patients?
  • How do I maintain or even raise my prices with all the discounting out there?
  • How do I differentiate myself from neighboring practices?
  • And…how do I finally get to a point where I can take a pay check?

maganer-v2As a manger, you may be wondering?

  • How do I turn my staff into a cohesive team?
  • How do I fill the schedule?
  • How do I stop no-shows?
  • How can we increase consultation conversions?
  • How do we get those lasers firing each day so they don’t become expensive coat racks?
  • How do I get the staff to stop coming to me with all their issues and start solving small problems on their own?
  • And…how do I keep the staff motivated despite not being able to give raises this year?

pharmaceuticalAs a pharmaceutical rep, you may be wondering?

  • How can I help the practice own the conversation and not let the patient dictate their treatment? I know in my heart that the doctor has been extensively trained to recommend what’s best for them.
  • How can I help the providers naturally bring up the new treatment without feeling like a salesperson?
  • And…how do I make sure I’m not just stocking the practice’s shelf with more product then they need. I know we have numbers to hit, but I want to see my accounts be successful and be able to push through the product they purchase.

device-repAs a device rep, you may be wondering?

  • How do I help my account launch this new device successfully?
  • How can I help the practice promote this new treatment to the patients with ease?
  • Patients are calling in and asking for the competitor’s product. How can I help the practice see that our device is the right one for them?
  • And…how do I ensure this expensive machine doesn’t just become a purchase the physician regrets?

DRIVE provides the urgent answers to all these questions and addresses many more aesthetic specific needs.

At A Glance


Compressed into one fluid, effective and powerful textbook DRIVE will exclusively teach you:

  • The real secret shopper secret
  • What brand DNA is and why it matters
  • How orange juice can help you battle competition
  • $100 waiting room make over
  • What the Four c’s of advertising are and how to use them
  • How to increase patient referrals
  • EVE strategy to seamlessly transition into validating the caller
  • Strategies to increase cross-promotions
  • How to ask for and use effective testimonials
  • The low-cost investment that can generate $72,000/year
  • Marketing campaigns that Increase ROI by 1200%
  • How to host profitable, low-cost patient events
  • The difference between the “ideal way” and the “real way” to market
  • The EVE strategy to increase conversions
  • What the true lifelines to the practice
  • The 1 marketing task that should never be delegated
  • The power of positioning
  • What “practice-mapping” is and how to implement it
  • A simple 30 sec video that can save your patients time and headache
  • New strategies for loyalty and VIP cards, Patient Tip Binders, Photo books and follow up emails
  • What USPs are and why your staff needs to know 5 of them
  • How to develop an elevator pitch

Want to know more about DRIVE? Here is the back of the book that quickly summarizes why DRIVE has been the #1 marketing tool for over 5,000 practices around the world…


We are in the midst of a medical revolution.
A few years ago, physicians couldn’t even imagine the challenges that they would face today. From patient acquisition hurdles to defeating comoditization, it is a turbulent time and environment. What are the options for physicians and small business owners trying to thrive and even survive?

One answer: Tackle today’s challenges with proven, pragmatic strategies that have been secrets of the nation’s most successful physicians and business owners for years. Contained within this book are the details to win from an author and marketer who is passionately devoted to bringing new solutions to aesthetic practices. Trusted by the industry for her years of notable experience, her solutions are current yet tested and her methods were developed in the trenches of clinic rooms and on the front (phone) lines of practices. Written in a language that is easy to understand, DRIVE is from one industry peer to another. Expect to be engaged by candid stories of what has succeeded and failed in aesthetic marketing, and discover the reasons for their respective results. Void of overly academic theories and useless clichés, DRIVE simply presents the hard facts that challenge modern day practices and provides the tools to overcome those obstacles.

This is not your grandparents’ marketing book. It’s the foundation of your practice’s lifetime marketing plan, loaded with tips, tools, and solutions to help you accomplish your goals. DRIVE will have you confidently geared up and ready to roar. Buckle up, as you prepare to make it happen.

Looking for maximum impact? DRIVE has a complete workbook and video series to take your results to the next level. The seven module video and workbook will further increase the return on all your marketing investments and transform your practice.



After working with over 1,000 aesthetic physicians, training hundreds of sales reps and consulting with countless pharmaceutical and device companies, I realized a solution needed to be offered to give practices honest guidance to grow. I had learned that sharing a marketing idea only provided half the solution. Missing from many lectures, books or webinars was the “now what?” to take an idea from concept to creation.

DRIVE was written to offer practices the necessary “how to” guide for continued growth. Created as the sequel to Thrive, which was authored by myself and Dr. Steven Dayan, the newest book reveals step-by-step instructions for creating a simple yet impactful marketing plan. Previous articles or books I wrote talked a lot about ideas but didn’t offer the steps to implement them. I feel very passionate about providing people the guidance to take what they read and put it to use.

When you purchase DRIVE you are getting more than just a book, you are truly getting a new marketing plan for your business and specific steps to make the changes you need.


DRIVE is an aesthetic medical marketing textbook written in a casual and easy-to-digest manner that sells for $99 a copy. It provides more than the just the foundation for a practice marketing plan, it delivers the “meat” as well. There are so many small, simple tips that can be implemented into an office with little to no investment that can truly impact the success of the business. Small practices are some ways set up to fail these days. I hate to see physicians invest so much personally, professionally and financially into building a business only to struggle and fill their schedule.

I look at the $99 purchase of the book as an investment into launching or relaunching your marketing efforts and plans.

Yes, many companies regularly make bulk purchases of this medical marketing book to give to their reps, new hires, managers or physician accounts. Please contact me for bulk purchase inquires of the book and or/the videos and workbook series.

When my previous aesthetic medical marketing company was created, we offered incredibly in-depth and developed marketing plans to our customers. They were ranged in price from $10,000 – $25,000 a plan. These guides were 100 -175 pages of specialized marketing strategy and took eight or more weeks to create. They consisted of extensive research for their location, new ideas for their team to engage with patients and resulted in a 12-18 month marketing plan for the practice.

Time after time we would complete these custom marketing plans and leave with the physicians and staff beyond excited about what they saw and the potential. However, when we would check back with them 30, 60 and 90 plus days later, they hadn’t implemented any of the ideas or new initiatives.

After this happened nearly a dozen times from the over 50 plans we had created, I stopped offering customized marketing plans despite ongoing requests for them. I didn’t feel right charging for this service when I saw its ultimate flaw…the practices didn’t just need help creating ideas, they needed help executing them.

My team and I took a step back and analyzed the many plans we created. We realized that despite any differences between the aesthetic physicians practice, brand or experience; each plan naturally addressed seven areas of the practice. Those crucial segments of the practice include Staff, Image, Medical Credentialing, Patient Education, Loyalty and Retention and External Marketing. The segments were listed in a strategic order that is discussed in great detail in the book and is designed to offer maximum impact for all your marketing efforts. Each segment is essentially building upon the previous one, ultimately leading the reader through to the final category, external marketing.

Taking a step back after identifying these clear areas specifically addressed for all of our accounts, we realized that the segments formed the word SIMPLE. The SIMPLE plan, as you read about in great detail in the book, becomes the foundation for your marketing plan, promotion or any marketing initiative you dive into moving forward. SIMPLE teaches practices how to strengthen any marketing effort, campaign or promotion by working sequentially through the formula to set your practice up to yield the highest possible return on all marketing investments moving forward.


Competition is everywhere today and doctors should be able to focus their time and energy on doing what they love the most, seeing and treating patients. There are so many strategies that I have experimented with over the years that really make a difference and it is incredibly rewarding to share those concepts and plans and watch a practice grow.

Over the years, I would get such a high from someone coming up to me at a conference and saying, “Hey that idea you shared with me really helped my office.” Or when they would email me with specific growth metrics they achieved after utilizing a strategy that my team or I had presented. My goal with DRIVE was to take the very best that my team and I had discovered or created over a decade and deliver it in a simple yet impactful book that physicians and their staff could use to truly make a difference with their business.

The book DRIVE is based around the concept of SIMPLE. The book takes the best out of the extensive and expensive marketing plans that we were regularly creating for clients and breaks them down into ideas that are each followed with “Execution Tips.” These execution tips are designed to give practices the guidance needed along the way to help transform ideas into action.


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